AVX, a U.S.A. brand of passive components maintains to be one of the leaders in the global market. Product offerings include ceramic and tantalum capacitors, connectors, thick and thin film capacitors, varistors and integrated passive components.
Kyocera, recognised Japanese corporate which has its long history has been partnering with AVX for business expansion. Innovative and advanced products offerings are the fruitful outcome of Kyocera and AVX partnership.
The full name of Tocos is Tokyo Cosmos Electric Company. Tocos is strong in producing SMD/thru-hole trimpots, potentiometer and panel controls. They try the best to remain high accuracy, high reliable and long life. To fulfil customers' needs, they always produce tailor-made items customers.
Since 1990, Korchip has been providing high quality electronic components to the market. She invented EDLC (Supercapacitor) in 2003 and succeeds to develop in rechargeable battery in 2005.

Partron was first established by the key men who had led RF parts for mobile communication division in Samsung Electro-Mechanics, and started its own business from May 2003 by undertaking dielectric filter, duplexer, isolator and antenna businesses from Samsung Electro-Mechanics. Partron has expanded its business area from mobile phone parts to base stations, repeaters, and the surface mounting crystal and oscillator.
Kinseki, a corporate profession in providing various crystal products such as crystal units and crystal oscillators, has been reorganized to become Kyocera Kinseki Corporate in 2004.
Elco was founded in 1964 and has over 40 years of experience in producing connectors. The company took another step forward when they enter the Kyocera group and transform into 2 divisions of Kyocera-Elco and AVX-Elco in 1989.
Cosmos is a worldwide supplier of electronic components specializing in quality Cds.
ITM, ITM Electronics (M) SDN. BHD., is a Japanese company that specializes in producing resistors to the market. ITM has 2 factories and their production mainly takes place in Japan and Malaysia.
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